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Narrative of Justice in Sri Lanka
The reason for such arrests lies in the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the complaint system. Firstly, complaints give rise to opportunities for the police to make social, political or financial gains, by means of bribery or extortion of the victims.
PROTECTION AND PARTICIPATION: South Asia Legal Reforms and Human Rights
Protection & Participation is published by the Asian Human Rights Commission, an independent regional non-governmental organization concerned with advancing human right standards in South Asia at local and national levels.
An X-ray of the Sri Lankan policing system & torture of the poor
Sri Lanka's Dysfunctional Criminal Justice System
Sri Lanka: The Delgoda Family Massacre and Confronting Lawlessness
Manava Himicam Pahana (The Light of Human Rights)
the Other Lanka
A Model for Torture Prevention in Asia
An Exceptional Collapse of the Rule of Law: Told through stories by families of the disappeared in Sri Lanka
Close Contact With Victims makes Human Rights Work Meaningful and Effective
Sri Lanka: Disappearances and the Collapse of the Police System
Social Justice and the Judiciary
Human Rights Related Legal Reforms in Sri Lanka
Janasansadaya: Voices of Silence
Voices of Silence : Cases before a court of the people
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