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Police Commission Report - 1946
Police Commission Report - 1970
Police Service Report - 1995
The Eradication of Laws Delays
Committee appointed to recommend amendments to the practice and procedure in investigations and courts - Final Report, April 2004
An X-ray of the Sri Lankan policing system & torture of the poor
This is the 3rd report produced on police torture and other abuses in Sri Lanka by AHRC and ALRC.
Bribery or Corruption and the Political System of Sri Lanka
by Victor Ivan
Police Regulations
The Final Report of the IIGEP
Public statement dated April 15, 2008 from the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons
17th Amendment
Sri Lanka: Towards a Contempt of Courts Law
Corruption and Abuse of Human Rights
The Rule of Law in Decline
Study on Prevalence, Determinants and Causes of Torture and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in Sri Lanka
In Pursuit of "Absolute Integrity" - Identifying Causes for Police Corruption
A research study conducted by TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL SRI LANKA, 2006.
Document relating to Singarasa case
War Crimes in Sri Lanka
Asia Report N°191 – 17 May 2010 by International Crisis Group
Post-war Justice in Sri Lanka
Rule of Law, the Criminal Justice System and Commissions of Inquiry Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena January 2010
CORI Country Report - Sri Lanka
April 2010
United Nations - Economic and Social Council 7 June 2004
The Rule of the Public Service
The Draft Constitution
The Draft Constitution
Essay on Constitutional Reform
Ideas for Constitutional Reform
"Our Duty To Act": Brown Sahibs in Universal Suits - The Story of the abortive Coup d'etat in 1962
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